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Just How to Repair a Leaky Rubber Roof

This overview covers the fundamentals of level roof repair, additionally referred to as low-slope roof repair, consisting of:

  • Situating the leakage
  • Fixing level roof
  • When changing the roof is a much better choice, understanding
  • The price of level roof repair and also substitute

If your house or structure has a level roof, after that you recognize that water is its significant bane and also leakages should be boldly resolved with top-notch level roof repair products as well as techniques. We discover whether DIY level roof repair is something you intend to try or if it makes, even more, feeling to employ an expert level roof professional.

These level roof repair strategies can be made use of on one of the most typical level roof products:

  • EPDM, also known as Rubber
  • Customized asphalt
  • BUR (Built-up roof), also known as tar as well as crushed rock

Keep in mind: If you occur to have a PVC or TPO roof leakage, such as a leaking joint or a hole/puncture triggered by a dropped tree branch or an unintentional cut, after that you will certainly require to locate a certified professional furnished with all the required devices as well as materials; a roll of suitable membrane layer as well as a warmth air gun. Search for a firm concentrating on PVC or TPO.

Situating a Flat Roof Leak

While locating a leakage in a level roof is simpler than on a steep-sloped, shingled roof, leakages can still be tricking. Where the water enters your indoor room may not be precisely where the leakage is since any kind of water that passes through a roof membrane layer can take a trip for some range up until it locates a joint in the sub-roof or sheathing as well as permeates within.

These actions will certainly permit you to separate the resource of the leakage if it isn’t conveniently obvious when you evaluate the roof.

From within, determine the range where the leakage shows up to both local wall surfaces.
Utilize those dimensions on the roof to develop a beginning factor for your search.
The majority of level roofing systems are really somewhat sloped to help with overflow, so discover from the factor of the water’s entry up the incline, given that water runs downhill.
Search for leaks, standing out screws, slits, used places, joint splittings up, sores as well as various other flaws in the membrane layer.
If no damages are located in the membrane layer, take a look at neighboring air vent pipeline boots, blinking, caulk around vents as well as comparable frameworks for damages.
When you still can not situate the leakage, call a specialist level roof service provider for aid as well as repair.

Care: It’s constantly wise to regard ladders as well as elevations, so wage severe treatment! If you can not access the roof from within, utilize a high-quality ladder ranked for greater than your weight, and also have a solid grown-up hold the ladder stable for you. If the roof is icy, also better preventative measure is needed, or a pro must be employed.

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Fixing a Minor Flat Roof Issue

If your roof is under service warranty, call the service provider that mounted it to make the repair. Also if the guarantee is allowed for the age of the roof, you may still conserve cash with professional repair.

You can try the repair on your own if the guarantee is up. If it holds, you’ve conserved cash; Otherwise, you will not make it even worse with the techniques we recommend, as well as a level roof specialist can repair it.

Rubber Roof Repair Tools:

  • Roof covering Seams Probing device
  • Roof Hand Roller device
  • Roof Covering Membrane Cleaner
  • EPDM rubber adhesive
  • EPDM stick and also peel off roof tape
  • Suitable Ladder with a ladder stabilizer
  • Repaint brush made use of to spread out the adhesive
  • Container of cozy water as well as tidy towels

Various other devices you might require will certainly rely on the roof concerned as well as a certain trouble you’re fixing. The typical devices utilized for repair work consist of an energy blade ($ 3-$ 6), tube of roof covering sealer or concrete ($ 4-$ 6), a caulk weapon ($ 5-$ 20), a 2″ putty blade or brush ($ 1-$ 4) as well as peel & stick blinking ($ 35-$ 125/size of the roll).

EPDM repair services need a couple of specialized products consisting of EPDM adhesive ($ 12/tube or $40/gallon), weather-beaten membrane layer cleaner for older roofings ($ 12/quart or $25/gallon) as well as EPDM/TPO guide ($ 15/quart or $40/gallon).

EPDM Rubber Roof Repair Kit

Tiny openings and also leaks: Minor damages can be fixed by using rubber sealer from a tube or can straight to the issue as well as a tool with the blade. Or, the more recent peel as well as stick blinking spot can be used after the location where the spot will certainly stick is cleaner per the spot direction. A tar and also crushed rock roof can be fixed by using tar to the damages utilizing the caulk weapon, smoothing it with the putty blade or brush and also covering the tar with strengthening mesh complied with by a layer of crushed rock.

When the membrane layer is totally dry, use the ideal roof repair product such as roof concrete, tar or stick as well as peel off spot. Some contractors additionally recommend utilizing 6d roof nails to safeguard the sore flaps. If you take that action, be certain to cover the nail heads with tar, roof sealer or peel off as well as stick blinking spot.

Huge slits as well as rips: Large locations of damages need the exact same kinds of repair services yet on a bigger range. Rolls of membrane layer are offered in 3′ to 50′ sizes to fulfill the fixing requirements, though rolls larger than 10′ are greatly hefty as well as usually need a crane to obtain them to the roof. Joints in between the brand-new as well as old roof products that aren’t splashed have to be covered with specialized joint tape to assist stop leakages.

Issues About Flat Roof Repair vs Replace

Flat/low-slope roof professionals desire you to think that fixing a level roof is a wild-goose chase. Their argument/sales pitch for substitute is that when you observe a leakage, the damages to the roof is most likely so negative that a spot will certainly be a temporary (4-12 months) repair at best, as well as water could still be leaking in and also creating mold and mildew, rot and also various other headaches throughout that time. You’ll need to toss an increasing number of money at the repair to safeguard your house or structure under, the debate goes, and also you would certainly be smarter to place the cash towards a brand-new roof.

Is changing a level roof much better than fixing it? Repair is a great suggestion under these conditions:

  • The roof remains in typically good condition
  • The damages was triggered by a case such as wind-blown particles instead of by age
  • The broken location is tiny and also can be covered with a solitary membrane layer roll size

Under these situations and also with one significant problem, a repair will likely get the job done.

The problem is this: The low-slope roof repair should be done effectively, or it could be cash lost. If you recognize what you’re doing and also have the right strategies, devices and also products, after that making the repair may be worth the expense, either DIY or by a level roof specialist.

When the leakages you’re fixing are an outcome of age, fixing a level roof does not make feeling. These kinds of leakages begin appearing after regarding 12-15 years on high-quality level roofing systems, often previously when the preliminary setup had not been done correctly. You can repair tiny ones, however, when huge or numerous leakages look like the roof weakens, substitute is the only long-lasting choice.

The Cost of Flat Roof Repair vs. Replacement

Membrane layer roofs such as EPDM rubber roof covering sets you back $1.50-$4.50 per square foot for the products consisting of EPDM duties (45, 60 or 90 mil), glue, joint cover tape and also various other materials.

Roof repair price is constantly greater per square foot than roof installment since repair takes much longer. Anticipate the repair price to be $12.00-$20.00 per square foot past the solution cost.