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5 points you require to find out about Swedish Hip Hop

We take you with the birth of the style, in 5 actions.

1. It began with a dancing

With the arrival of breakdance in Sweden in 1979, the remainder of the hip hop society complied with one year later on and also throughout the 1980’s the songs were spreading out. The initial hip hop track launched in Sweden was DJ René Hedemyr “Record Pool Rap”.

2. Invite to the suburban area

In 1989, the very first rap tune in Swedish was launched. The hip hop team Just D launched numerous cds throughout the 1990’s, making Swedish rap a lot more traditional. With this document, they noted a brand-new age of Swedish hip hop with verses concerning physical violence, bigotry as well as medicines.

3. The intuition

In 1998, Petter’s legendary cd “Mitt Sjätte Sinne” (” My Sixth Sense”) was launched. In its wake, the hip hop scene was taking pleasure in an industrial success throughout the very early 2000’s, with rap artists such as Feven, Fattaru, Ken Ring, Ison & Fille and also Organism-12. In 2000, hip hop was included as a classification in the Swedish Grammy Award.

4. The dark age

The Salazar Brothers (from The Latin Kings) maintained on creating for various other rap artists, Petter launched his cd “Bananrepubliken”, as well as Promote, was rapping in English with his Looptroop staff. Timbuktu launched “Alla Vill Till Himmelen Men Ingen Vill Dö” and also expanded hip hop’s appeal to consist of children as well as grandmas all over Sweden.

5. The golden era

Throughout the 2010’s, Youtube as well as Soundcloud and also at some point Spotify came to be crucial systems for the Swedish hip hop/rap area. Today, hip hop is one of the largest styles in Sweden, and also a huge component of Swedish rap comes out of the Stockholm suburban areas, however, it’s not just a Stockholm point– cities like Malmö (Ozzy, Guleed) as well as Umeå (Random Bastards, Fricky) are additionally vital components of the style and also the scene maintains on transforming, with manufacturers making use of impacts by categories like dancehall, baile funk and also R&B.

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